New Mobiling App!

The first complete Multimedia Squash Training Course available – almost 100 HD quality films, exercises, and tips presented by a professional player and trainer.

Available in Android Market and Samsung Apps

Mobiling Ltd. Developers Trained and Certified by Samsung for Smart TV Platform!

Mobiling developers took part in a Samsung Smart TV training and certification project in June 2012, and submitted 2 Apps for the Samsung Smart TV competition. We are very pleased to announce that Mobiling Ltd. is now officially a Samsung certified and recommended Smart TV developer (more: ).

NEW Mobiling App for SmartTV

mobiFractions 1.0
mobiFractions is an educational application that helps kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of simple fractions. This app makes education fun. It proves that maths is not difficult. It shows that by using an advanced multi-media SmartTV solution at home you can combine education with entertainment!

NEW Mobiling App for SmartTV

mobiQ 1.0
mobiQ is an entertainment game application that helps develop the memory. The aim is to memorize as many sequences of pictures as possible and recreate them from memory. You can practice your memory individually or using the multi-player game mode. In the multi-player game mode mobiQ is intelligent entertainment; the player that can remember the longest sequence of pictures wins. mobiQ provides entertainment for players between five and hundred and five!



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